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2 Qigong Workshops

Learn Wu Qin Xi - ‘5 Animals Play’

Sun. 16th. June (Part 1) Sun.14th. July (Part 2)

Join Jane Miller at the village hall for two wonderful days of fun, fitness and relaxation. Each of the two parts to this set of exercises can be taken as a stand alone day of qigong practice or combined to learn the full set. The training is divided into two parts to give sufficient attention to learning each one of the 5 animals well and is suitable for beginners and more experienced practioners.

Our day will begin with registration and welcome at 9.30 ready for starting practice at 10.00 and will finish at 4.30. A delicious vegetarian (vegan friendly) lunch will be provided and drinks and snacks will be available at break times.
The cost for each day is £40.00 or £70.00 if you book and pay for both workshops together. Lunch and refreshments are included in the price.

Booking is essential as numbers are limited by the capacity of the hall.

To book call Jane Miller on 07962 162 464


What is Wu Qin Xi, (五禽戲) “5 Animal Play”?
It is a set of qigong exercises developed during the period 202 BC - 220 AD (Han dynasty) Each of the 5 animals has two exercises designed to improve the functioning of the body and mind, with emphasis on the corresponding yin and yang internal organs.

relates to the wood element, the season of spring, the liver and gallbladder. The liver's emotion is anger and has many important functions including storing blood (Xue), ensuring the smooth movement of qi in the body and housing the ethereal soul (hun). Liver Xue nourishes the sinews, therefore, allowing physical exercise.



relates to the water element, the season of winter, the kidneys and bladder. The kidney’s emotion is fear. They are often referred to as the "root of life" as they store
essence (jing). Jing determines basic constitution, is derived by our parents and established at conception. The kidneys are the foundation of yin and yang in the body.

relates to the earth element, the season of late summer, the spleen and stomach. The spleen’s emotion is worry and is the central organ in the production of the qi (gu qi) which is derived from the food and drink, we ingest.

relates to the fire element, the season of summer, the heart and small intestine. The heart is considered the most important or the 'emperor' of the internal organs. It relates to the emotion joy and its main function is to govern and circulate xue (blood) in the vessels, to nourish tissues and house the mind (Shen).



relates to the metal element and the season of autumn, the lungs and large intestine. The Lungs emotion is sadness and governs qi and respiration, while being in charge of inhalation and the regulation of water passages. They are the
intermediary organ between man and his environment, in charge of qi regulation particularly in the blood vessels to assist the heart in controlling blood circulation.


You do not need to know anything about Chinese beliefs to enjoy and benefit from learning and practicing these exercises.

The workshop is facilitated by Jane Miller, who trained as
an instructor with The British Health Qigong Association.



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Local M.P. John Lamont will be holding a surgery in the village hall on

Saturday 6th July, 1.30 pm.


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