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FILM NIGHT - Sunday 28th January, 7.30 pm.





Directed by Michael Hoffman, starring Vincent Friell, Joe Mullaney, Robert Urquart, Bernard Hill, Ned Beatty, Mel Smith and Nanette Newman


Two lads in Edinburgh embark on a non-violent spree of robberies. They dress up in clown masks and act as modern highwaymen, robbing coach loads of tourists in the highlands. In the process they become folk heroes to the locals. Their adventures make for a whimsical and gentle comedy, in the Bill Forsyth vein.
1985. Cert, Pg, 1 hr, 29 mins.








QUIZ NIGHT - Saturday 17th February, 7.30 pm.


Come as individuals, and teams will be allocated by the quizmaster.


Prizes will be awarded to the best team.


Tickets £5 per person, with hot supper and tea/coffee included








DRAMA - Wednesday, 28th February, 7.30 pm.


Farnham Maltings present:

Brave Folk, by Thomas Crowe



An evening of story and song from the lands of the far, far north.

Welcome to the marshlands, a place where you can tell a person by the sound of their squelch. Yorgjin Oxo is a carefree young man who has been taught the sounds of stroms and how to sing into the rain, until ond day the next village disappears, and everything changes. This is a Nordic tale fizzing with humour, about love and courage and knowing when to act.

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