Smailholm Village Hall
Smailholm Village Hall

Great Tapestry of Scotland

Just 12 miles away in Galashiels is the Great Tapestry of Scotland


The Great Tapestry of Scotland depicts 420 million years of Scotland’s story in 160 panels and is a wonderful, rich and diverse story. But like every nation, that story contains both good and bad, some elements of which we are only now able to see and accept as part of our past. The panels here offer snapshots and when taken together create an overview of our story in stitched-art and the written word, authored by historian Alistair Moffat, illustrated by artist Andrew Crummy and stitched by our 1000+ stitchers. Some of the panels reflect on the impact Scotland has had worldwide, the positive and the negative. Others acknowledge the importance of both immigration and emigration, wealth and poverty, but most focus in on the ordinary individual and the micro stories of history.

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