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Qigong Classes

Thursdays 9.15 - 10.00 am. Beginners class

Thursdays 10.00 - 11.15 am. Advanced class


Please contact Jane Miller on 07962162464 or for further details.


Qigong exercise is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. It roughly translates to ‘energy/breath work/art’.


On the surface the practice looks not dissimilar to Tai Chi, but Tai Chi is also a martial art and the movement patterns and forms tend to be extended and more complex to learn than those of Qigong.


One of the basic premises of Qigong practice that makes it ideal for people of all levels of movement capacity and physical confidence, is that exercises are carried out within the present capacity of the student practitioner. Straining or painful positions that set up a negative feedback within the body are strongly advised against. The range of movement possible increases steadily and with ease.


It is practiced as a meditative exercise characterised by flowing, rhythmic movements incorporating breath regulation, mindful meditation and self-massage.


The gentle, slow movements we learn will simultaneously relax and strengthen the body. We learn to quieten the mind and, as a consequence, heart rhythms may be regularised and breathing deepened. Gentle, regular practice often helps to ease painful joints and muscles, improve flexibility, balance and coordination and leads to greater mobility.


Qigong exercise will optimise the flow of energy within the body, is believed to improve vitality, resistance to disease, and to enhance clarity of thought and the capacity to learn new things. Practitioners are likely to see improvement in sleep quality, digestion, circulation, concentration and experience positive mood enhancement.


All these restorative benefits take place in an atmosphere of shared, calm companionship, which further enhances the quality and enjoyment of the practice. Find out for yourself just how enjoyable and profound this form of exercise is.


Here’s a link for anyone who wants to check out some medical research.

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