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Pilates classes are held in Smailholm on Mondays, mornings and evenings.


For more information, telephone Fiona Fleming on 01573 229170 or 07415 617615, or email:


Pilates can be enjoyed by almost everybody from every walk of life.  It is an approach to the fitness of the body as a whole, improving our sense of wellbeing, strength, mobility and posture.  It can be practiced standing, sitting, lying on a mat or a combination of all three positions.  It adapts to the muscle conditioning needs of people who are in recovery from illness, operations and chronic pain, and to the maintenance of fitness in ante and post-natal women.  It is also an excellent technique for developing balance and strength, helping to prevent falls and injury in the older population. 


As our lifestyles become increasingly fast paced and stressful, we are drawn towards activities that will help us feel more confident and provide us with  a sense of wellbeing, as well as feeling stronger, fitter and more in control of our lives.  Pilates provides the platform from which these qualities can be developed using core muscle strengthening and stability techniques along with learning how to recruit deep muscles that maintain the neutral alignment and stabilisation of the spine during movement of the body.  As well as combining exercises that develop flexibility, increase breathing conrol and relaxation, Pilates provides the pathway to lifelong, sustained physical and mental wellbeing. 


Fiona Fleming is an accredited Diploma Level 3 Pilates Instructor, registered with REPS. She has a background in dance and movement, aquatic sports, yoga and meditation, and teaching.


Fiona has classes in Smailholm on Mondays, mornings and evenings, and also other venues around the Borders. All ages and abilities are welcome.

For more information

telephone Fiona Fleming on 01573 229170 or 07415 617615 email


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